One of my passions is new computer technologies. I once aspired to build my own home automation system. Equipped with facial, object and voice recognition. As well as projector technology to make the inside of your home look... like anything you can imagine.

It started out as a project in OpenCV in C#. I was able to get my computer to visualize me based on facial recognition. It would stream video, and when it recognized a person, object or animal.

It would say: "Hello Rocky!"

This was great and a lot of fun. I began working with Microsofts open source speech recognition software. Which... at the time of this original article was ripped away from the public and only available by being approved from Microsoft, but they have sense released an approved version for education, a rich man's version and a poor man's free version. I still don't like it that companies offer software open source, then take it away and make money off of it. Free labor. Total B.S... but I digress.


I began diversifying the software to utilize both the OpenCV and the speech response/recognition. I had also gotten my hands on some open source software that the military was using to project on very large

screens and wide screens in submarines and makeshift workstations. It would blend the edges of different projections to make one big, or long, screen. Having worked with game engines, I thought to myself... SKYBOXES! We could project a cube and blend the edges together to fill an entire room with projections.

Then I found new libraries where building finger, facial and hand tracking. You could literally turn your wall into one of those new smartphones! 

Combine the technologies and you had the possibility of creating a very high tech home automation solution.

Unfortunately, in 2013, I was tasked with revamping a reporting and data gathering system for my current company. It took up much of my time and the home automation system was put on the back burner.

Years past and in 2016 I found a neat little javascript library called Annyang. So I made something similar to Jarvis in a web based application. It was a fun little project, but no takers. I feel VR/AR is where the market's current focus is and that technology is moving fast enough, that voice and object recognition are established enough to move on.

But if only I could put all those technologies together. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine your home.